Drilling & sawing

Diamond - sawing

We make custom openings in walls and ceilings using diamond sawing - cut-offs with electric and hydraulic diamond sawing equipment with up to 2000mm saw blades for cutting depths of 90cm. Diamond saw work as a clean solution for reinforced concrete, concrete, quarry stone and masonry.

Diamond saws allow precise guidance along specified lines. This practical saw is used when structural changes in concrete or masonry are required. Thus, the wall saw technology is the efficient solution for flush cutting of concrete parts or cutting out door or ceiling openings.

Joint cutting

The joint cutter is used to make hand-guided separations in floors or ceilings (reinforced concrete, concrete and asphalt) up to a depth of 35 cm. We have diesel and electric driven floor cutters.

The joint cutter is used in particular for the creation of floor channels (laying of pipelines and cables), creation of expansion joints (dummy joints) in fresh concrete, creation of ceiling openings, creation of cutouts in hall floors and foundations, separation cuts in asphalt and concrete roadways, separation cuts in reinforced concrete ceilings and floor slabs.

Core drilling

We offer pinpoint core drilling through reinforced concrete, masonry or quarry stone with electric and hydraulic core drilling equipment from 10mm to 1000mm Ø and drilling depths up to 10m.

Hard materials such as reinforced concrete, natural stone or masonry are usually difficult or impossible to machine with a conventional or commercially available drill. Instead, a core drill must be used here. Drilling of this type creates an opening in such hard materials that is required for a wide variety of installations.