Diamond - sawing

Wide range of applications for diamond saw work

In principle, diamond sawing technology is always the tool of first choice when the lowest possible dust exposure as well as efficient and vibration-free work with exact results are desired. These are requirements that cannot be met with any other processing tool for concrete, reinforced concrete or natural stone.

The use of this sawing technology is ideal, especially for subsequent construction measures or for deconstruction in buildings.

Diamond technology ensures highest cutting quality

An important aspect in all wall sawing work is the diamond technology used in the water-cooled saw blade. The appropriately equipped saw blades are able to make the required clean cuts in walls made of hard materials such as concrete.

Besides a low-vibration and clean execution of the work, the safety aspect of wall sawing is important. It is necessary to drill safety holes in advance by means of a core drilling unit in order to secure the cut-out wall or concrete parts with chains or ropes.

Advantages of diamond saw technology

The advantages of this special technique speak for themselves. The Techniks is already applicable for small openings, suitable for all substrates, cutting at any angle of inclination possible, cuts precise and angular. A diamond saw is guided on rails, has a universal range of application, with vertical and horizontal cutting allows use on ceilings, walls and floors.

Other advantages of diamond sawing technology include the aforementioned low-vibration work, as well as the low dust emissions generated during work.