Joint cutting

Industrial plant to residential building - Diverse requirements for cut-offs

Highly accurate cut-offs and joint cuts in asphalt, screed, fresh concrete, old concrete, asphalt or mixed materials are one of our specialties that you can still do afterwards.

No matter whether conversion, extension or building refurbishment, demolition of industrial plants or in road construction: Precision always has the highest priority, because it lays the foundation for all further work! Floor saws create separation cuts - in reinforced concrete and asphalt, fresh concrete and screed floor, even natural stone and tiles.

Separation cuts - scharf.precise.dimensionally accurate.

Our machinery of the most diverse low-noise and low-emission joint cutters allows us to carry out jobs of almost any size for you quickly, including precise depth adjustment and slurry extraction. We realize separation cuts in asphalt or create expansion joints in fresh concrete.

Low-vibration cut-offs solidly prepare the construction project. Always create diamond wheels clean edges, even in the bevel cut or when cutting horizontally your project.

Our full range of services

Our range of services includes, for example, the production of separation cuts and expansion joints in reinforced concrete slabs, floor slabs, asphalt and concrete pavements, slab openings, floor channels (for pipelines and cables), expansion joints (dummy joints) in fresh concrete as well as cutouts in foundations and hall floors.

Cut-offs provide for large-area openings in ceilings or help to cut out or break through floor slabs and walls. In the process, joint cutters create precisely defined channels for cables and lines, up to ceiling cut-outs for your roof extension.

A look behind the scenes

Do you have questions about costs, procedures and processes? Please contact us. You would like to order us privately? We also carry out your small orders. Pre-marking of cuts according to your specifications? No problem at all.

And because nothing is as important as on-time execution, we always use multiple floor cutters - for the shortest possible blocking and construction times!