Core drilling work

Attached diamond segments - essential components of the drill bits

Drill bits for natural stone, concrete, reinforced concrete and brick are usually equipped with diamonds, as this reliably penetrates concrete with hard aggregates as well as extremely solid rock. If you are cutting stoneware, a circular diamond set is the best solution. For extremely deep drillings, you should instead rely on drill bits with individually attached diamond elements, as these remove the material crushed by the drill more quickly.

In this process, the drill bit is flushed with cooling water in order to dissipate the frictional heat generated.

Core drilling symbiotically combines drilling power with precision

Due to the design of the core bits, core drilling is vibration- and dust-free, i.e. environmentally friendly.

In a diamond core drill, the individual diamond segments are attached to the steel base body by brazing or laser welding. In principle, drills for core drilling are designed to be extremely flexible and have an enormously high load capacity. After all, core drilling not only requires sufficient drilling force, but also precision, since holes have to be drilled with pinpoint accuracy.

Core drilling offers a wide range of applications

Core drilling is also carried out in metallic materials. Drilling in steel is particularly common in the mobile use of so-called magnetic drilling machines. This is because the drill bits have smaller chip-removing surfaces, which requires a lower pressure force. Core drilling is also used in archaeological and geological drilling as well as in subsoil investigations. For this purpose, drill cores are taken from sediment, rock or ice (ice core), which provide corresponding information about the subsurface conditions.

Our drills in full use

There are many different types of drills, but which drill is needed in your particular case? Drilling (steel) concrete, or tiles is not necessarily one of the easy tasks. Even the smallest mistake can have very unpleasant consequences. The materials can easily splinter or there is unsightly spalling at the drill hole.

Drilling can generate quite high temperatures, so it is advisable to think about cooling or to take cooling breaks.