Work in the inventory

Preserving values & shaping the new

We help you to preserve your values and to put new ideas into practice. Practically, the work on existing buildings includes all measures, such as building maintenance and repairs, but also reconstructions and modernizations, renovation and refurbishment of old buildings, special energetic refurbishments, reconstruction of parts on buildings, restoration on monuments and services for the preservation of historical monuments. In many cases, renovation is unavoidable when damage occurs to the roof, wall, facade or supporting structure. But also to prevent these, we take all measures for the sustainable value retention of a property.

Identify fields of action - take action

In this context, our service portfolio ranges from the fundamental analysis of which steps are necessary and economically justifiable to the well-founded recommendation of action and execution. Dimensional inaccuracies in existing structures must be taken into account, as must the protection of existing components from damage.

The deterioration process for building parts proceeds at different rates - a shell can last for over a hundred years, while parts of the interior fittings are in need of replacement after less than 10 years.

Redevelopment and revitalization

In practice, this project management means: we as Müller BauTeam take over the professional, reliable implementation of many services that are required for the renovation or in the course of a restructuring of the existing building. For example, well-rehearsed construction site teams flexibly and reliably carry out work in the area of roof and facade renovations or complete reconstructions.

We will be happy to support you in your construction project and successfully implement your upcoming modernization measures if the substance is right. Trust in our experience.