AMS Construction - Safety Passport

The AMS BAU concept is based on the "National Guideline forOccupational health and safety management systems (NLF)" and is recognized by many clients.

Certification Müller BauTeam GmbH

Companies in the construction industry must comply with a large number of legal requirements in terms of health and safety. There are also additional requirements arising from contractual agreements with the client.

Occupational safety and health protection are of great importance at work. Regular training courses, as well as specialist training and further education for employees, take place. This is how we achieve a high safety standard for our employees.

BG Bau press release

A clear statement for occupational safety! The German Construction Industry Employers' Liability Insurance Association (BG BAU) has praised Müller BauTeam GmbH for our effective occupational safety management. Thanks to the organization, our workplaces are accident- and incident-free.

A clear signal for the safety and health of our employees and a clear signal to interested junior staff in the region.

Reinforcement connection

When connecting new building components to existing buildings or reinforcing reinforced concrete structures, subsequent reinforcement connections are required. With the granting of the approval Z-21.8-1790 for subsequent reinforcement connections with injection mortar HIT-RE 500, connections could be made even more economically.

The additional approval was granted for BSt 500S reinforcing bars to DIN 488-1:1984-09 for diameters 8 mm - 40 mm. Likewise for reinforcing steel generally approved by the building authorities, such as stainless reinforcing steel, and for the HZA-R M 12, M16 and M20 tie rods. Furthermore, with this approval it is possible for the first time to drill holes up to 3.20 m deep - in addition to the previously known drilling methods - using diamond drilling technology.

Concrete construction sites ÜK 2/3

We have successfully participated in the seminar "Concrete construction sites of ÜK 2/3" in order to keep our knowledge in this area continuously up to date. The Materialprüfungs- und Versuchsanstalt MPVA Neuwied is your competent partner when it comes to the preparation of expert opinions, the performance of material tests or the evaluation of the quality of mineral-bound building materials. From the experience of a testing, monitoring and certification body recognized by the building authorities since 1919 for a variety of mineral-bound building materials, a team of experts has developed whose particular strength lies in its interdisciplinary cooperation.