Müller BauTeam GmbH

Building construction - renovation - drilling & sawing work

Welcome to the Müller Bau Team

We are a construction company with highly qualified and purposefully trained employees, the appropriate expert knowledge and the professional skills for the implementation of your construction project. Your plans, ideas and building wishes challenge us every day to give our best for you.

Our areas of operation and activity range from classic single-family house / apartment building construction to various industrial buildings and individual conversion work, demolition, drilling and sawing work as well as all types of old building renovation. We fulfill customer wishes, are prepared for every situation and always meet even the highest requirements. Together we create values, also find excellent solutions for individual construction projects and achieve the best results for our customers, so that they can be satisfied and your trust in our company is justified.

You are planning a new building or a structural change to your building, then talk to us. "Your" project becomes "our" project, which we work out, plan, discuss and complete together. The defined timing of planning, work preparation and constructional execution is the basis for excellent solutions and perfect building projects.

Experience in the construction industry, professional competence and trained personnel speak for themselves and for the satisfaction of our clients. We combine our company structure with speed and meticulousness, so that the multi-layered areas of activity of the industry are carried out accurately.

Our services


Years of experience coupled with flexibility and mobility

Our core business includes all services of building construction, reconstruction and renovation work as well as drilling and sawing work. Many years of experience in new construction as well as in the renovation of large and small construction projects guarantees you well a safe and careful handling of your property.

Whether openings in walls, floor plan changes, a complete new building or extension, your construction project is in good hands with us. We appreciate the personal contact with our customers, inform you about intermediate states - complete service from experienced hands. If you have a finished plan or a detailed tender ready to hand, we will be happy to prepare an offer based on your documents and records.

We provide you with economical offers and give you qualified and expert advice. We deal reliably with the substance, and create new sections for your property cleanly and with little nuisance. Do you need help with smaller works, then you simply speak to us. We will help you no matter if you need to break through walls, move windows, repair work or small demolition work. We vouch with our name for quality, accurate planning and timely work with convincing performance to the advantage and benefit of our customers.


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