Structural engineering

Concrete & reinforced concrete work

When wet, concrete is extremely flexible and can be pressed into almost any shape. Its malleability makes it a versatile material. When hardened and reinforced with steel, concrete is extremely resistant and durable. Maintenance requirements are correspondingly low.

Made of cement, water and gravel as a flexible building material used for foundations, floor, ceiling slabs, basement walls, stairs. Solid concrete components have very good sound insulation. Reinforced concrete components are classified as non-combustible building materials and thus provide optimum fire protection.

Masonry work

Whether single-family house, semi-detached house or apartment building - as a specialized company we carry out all masonry work. We build shells, concrete foundations, mason exterior and interior walls and floor slabs for you or assemble them from prefabricated elements. If required, we manufacture formwork or assemble formwork systems. In addition, we carry out demolition and reconstruction work.

Of course, we also include structural engineering measures for energy saving in our considerations. Trained specialists guarantee optimal work results.

Outdoor facilities according to individual wishes

Outdoor facilities are the calling card of your building. They emphasize the personal touch and contribute significantly to the overall impression. Whether for playing, relaxing or celebrating, they extend your living space into the green. We plan, design and perfectly implement all areas of your outdoor facility. Whether ponds, streams, parking lots, paving, terrain modeling, natural stone walls, staircases, manholes, drainage or design of entire marketplaces - we design inviting outdoor facilities for you with regard to your individual wishes. Let us advise you!